DJI Spark perfect drone for outdoor enthusiasts.

The DJI Spark perfect drone for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether your into hiking, climbing, biking, canoeing, running, fishing the list goes on and on.

The DJI Spark is for you if your after a lightweight drone.

I’ve been contemplating buying a drone to make my videos a little more interesting and also to get some amazing landscape shots when outdoors.

DJI Spark

I really couldn’t justify spending a fortune on a drone to help get better content for my outdoor videos. So I started looking at alternatives.

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Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack


Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack

I’d read about these rucksacks a while ago and the Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack appealed to me. I liked the old school metal frame and thought this would be a great bag for bushcraft and more importantly I wanted something I could use for hammock camping.

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Tapping Birch Trees in the Spring.

Its that time of the year when for tapping birch trees. 

Winter is trying to release its grip on Northern Europe, with the odd slip of a frost and recently a lot of rain coming of the land and flooding the river valleys.  

It is also the time when nature starts to wake from its winters sleep and life starts to flow through the veins of animals and plants. Continue reading “Tapping Birch Trees in the Spring.”

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