Turmat dehydrated food.
I came across these whilst taking part in the Fjällräven Classic in Sweden earlier this year. They where supplied by Fjällräven to all hikers and my first thought was the weight of each portion.
As they are dehydrated they weigh next to nothing compared to wet MRE meals.
I chose a mixture to take with me pulled pork, kebab stew, cod in curry sauce and salmon with pasta.
The kebab stew was a little spicy for me but the meat tasted just like donner.
Pulled pork was good but my two favourites where the two fish ones.
Once rehydrated they actually looked like fish and tasted like fish. The cod in curry sauce wasn’t really curry tasting but very good to eat.
Packs. Weigh 85g before rehydration and 450g when rehydrated and with 452kcal per 100g they are just what you need.

  1. To rehydrate open pack at the top and add boiling water to the fill line.
  2. Stir the water into the dry mix making sure you get everything wet then reseal bag.
  3. Wait 8 minutes.
  4. There is another tear line lower than the first used to open bag now tear along this which makes the bag shorter so you don’t need a massive long spoon to get to it all.

So I must say they where really good. Some people didn’t like them but I thought they where good.

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A quick night out

My eldest was taking part in a scout camp so I thought I’d go help setup and claim a night out in the hammock.
I’d been to this area before so knew where I would hang but unfortunately the sheep where grazing in that field so had to improvise.
The trees on this estate are ancient so tree huggers would struggle to reach around trunk so with a bit of thinking I came up with a plan.
I used a thick horizontal branch and the roof bar of my car to string the ridge line. Normally I run the ridge line under the tarp but it had and was going to rain heavy I didn’t want water seeping under tarp along ridge line.
I attached tree huggers to branch and roof rack and slid the whoopie slings over.
After adjusting the hammock I clipped on the under blanket and threw in the quilt. One thing I will change is the dd hammocks quilt has snaps at the bottom to stop it coming of your feet but these always pop off. I’ve been meaning to stitch this and never got round to it but will do this soon.
It was a clear night in the end so after a dehydrated turmat meal left over from taking part in the Fjällräven Classic in Sweden and a Polish beer I hit the sack.
I was woken by the sound of 200 sheep being chased by 5 scouts at 06:00

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