Show us your steak

Show us your steak  During the week I saw a post from a colleague which pretty much sums up Mens Mental Health.  Men aren’t very good about speaking out about [ . . . ]

road to nowhere

Covehithe the road to nowhere

I regularly visit Covehithe the road to nowhere and today was a visit back to this windswept part of the Suffolk coastline. The plan was to walk along the cliff down [ . . . ]

Planning a hike along the Kungsleden

Planning a hike along the Kungsleden

Planning a hike along the Kungsleden So what is the Kungsleden?  The Kungsleden (or Kings Trail) runs between Abisko and Hemavan and is one of the world’s most famous hiking [ . . . ]

Homemade wax for outdoor clothing

Hiking the Birch Forest

Hiking the Birch Forest. Today was time to head out hiking the Birch Forest.  The weather has been perfect recently for foraging for fungi so I headed out into the [ . . . ]

Foraging for edible Fungi

A day out in the woods after a very damp couple of days means foraging for edible fungi if conditions are good you are sure to find some fungi. Before [ . . . ]

Covehithe Suffolk’s untouched coastline.

Suffolk’s untouched coastline, Covehithe. Suffolk’s untouched coastline Covehithe.  Many of my pictures on Instagram are taken at this spot so I thought I’d introduce you to the area. I spend [ . . . ]

Wild camping in the Lake District

Wild camping in the Lake District The time had come to head 6 hours up north for a week of wild camping in the Lake District. I had been planning [ . . . ]

Packing for a four days hiking / wild camping in the Lake District

Freeze Dried Hiking Meals

First of all I was introduced to freeze dried hiking meals whilst walking the Fjallraven Classic in Sweden last summer. The meals that where included with the price of the [ . . . ]