Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat

Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat Beef stew with broccoli.

As mentioned before I first came across Real Turmat meals whilst participating in the Fjallraven Classic in Northern Sweden in 2017.

Real Turmat Outdoor Meals

This is the first review of many of their different types of dehydrated outdoor meals.

Outdoor Meal Review: Real Turmat Beef Stew with broccoli.

( Oksegryte med broccoli )

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Tinder pouch starter kit by Beaver Bushcraft review.

Tinder Pouch Starter Kit

Beaver Bushcraft are based in Kent and are the makers of fine bushcraft products ranging from brilliant leather, tinder boxes to fire steels.

tinder pouch starter kit
Tinder pouch starter kit

The product I was sent is the tinder pouch start kit which is a perfect addition when you purchase one of their fire steels.

They have a vast selection of fire steels to suit everyone.

Purchasing the tinder pouch starter kit with your fire steel is pretty much a must.

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Subscriber Giveaway

I’m doing a subscriber giveaway. I started a YouTube channel as many people have said I should and although at first I was vary wary about it as I’m not that sort of in front of the camera guy, i’m actually quite enjoying it and love filmmaking.

My channel is here: youtube.com/c/BetweenTheTrees

I’m filming my micro adventures, fishing trips, hiking trips, day hikes, gear reviews.

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Charge your DJI Spark whilst outdoors.

There are many different ways you can charge your DJI Spark whilst outdoors but what is the best way when you have no access to electricity?

Look at this situation? I am heading to Northern Sweden this June for a 4 / 5 day walk through the tundra with next to no possible way of recharging my DJI Spark (unless I stay in one of the cabins along the trail)

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