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I’m doing a subscriber giveaway. I started a YouTube channel as many people have said I should and although at first I was vary wary about it as I’m not that sort of in front of the camera guy, i’m actually quite enjoying it and love filmmaking.

My channel is here:

I’m filming my micro adventures, fishing trips, hiking trips, day hikes, gear reviews.

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Charge your DJI Spark whilst outdoors.

There are many different ways you can charge your DJI Spark whilst outdoors but what is the best way when you have no access to electricity?

Look at this situation? I am heading to Northern Sweden this June for a 4 / 5 day walk through the tundra with next to no possible way of recharging my DJI Spark (unless I stay in one of the cabins along the trail)

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DJI Spark perfect drone for outdoor enthusiasts.

The DJI Spark perfect drone for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether your into hiking, climbing, biking, canoeing, running, fishing the list goes on and on.

The DJI Spark is for you if your after a lightweight drone.

I’ve been contemplating buying a drone to make my videos a little more interesting and also to get some amazing landscape shots when outdoors.

DJI Spark

I really couldn’t justify spending a fortune on a drone to help get better content for my outdoor videos. So I started looking at alternatives.

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Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack


Swedish Army LK35 Rucksack

I’d read about these rucksacks a while ago and the Swedish Army Lk35 Rucksack appealed to me. I liked the old school metal frame and thought this would be a great bag for bushcraft and more importantly I wanted something I could use for hammock camping.

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