Early December wild camp

I’m lucky enough to have use of a 2.5 acre piece of land that borders the river Waveney on the Norfolk Broads. So after finishing a set of busy night shift working for the Ambulance service I grabbed a few hours kip and then filled the car and headed of just up the road.
Initially I was camping with a friend and colleague who I completed the Fjällräven Classic with in Sweden in the summer but due to his boiler breaking down I was Billy no mates. But that didn’t really bother me as I was looking forward to a quite night on my own.
I had planned of cooking a roast leg of lamb in the Dutch oven but forgot to take it out of the freezer so whilst picking up my beer supply I picked up a lump of pork as well.
It’s much easier setting up without my young boys didn’t have to keep beckoning to their command so got the hammock and tarp set up and then got the cooking area done.
I built a fire reflector and hammered some sticks in to crest a hang for the Dutch oven over the fire.

So pork in the oven with some veg and time to have a beer and let it slowly cook.
I had brought my carving tools and a piece of green birch to try my first attempt at a Sami Pukko sheath. It didnt go to bad but later on when pinning it together I managed to split the end so had to cut it off.

The night was pretty cold and the temperature dropped below zero but I was really warm using a down sleeping bag as a quilt and the DD Hammocks under quilt on the hammock.
I had a good sleep fuelled by beer and lack of sleep from the previous night shifts I relit the fire and got breakfast on the go.

The great thing about using a Dutch oven is just flicking the lid over to cook on. I love using a Dutch oven although they are heavy they are so versatile.

Sitting there in the evening I was warm next to the fire and with a reindeer hide lent up against the fire deflector I had a nice place to sit and learn to carve this sheath.

Final finished piece.

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