Bothy Camping

Finally I found the time to head to the Lake District for a weekend Bothy camping and walking. This time I went with a friend who is coming out to Northern Sweden this June.

So this trip was a little kit check trip.

Weekend at
Warnscale Bothy

Bothy Camping
Warnscale Bothy

I’ve written about Warnscale Bothy previously so this was a return trip for me. I live around 6 hours from this part of the Lake district and to be honest it’s not a bad run there.

The best option for stopping in Bothies like this is to get there early to secure a place for the night.

Warnscale Bothy is very small and at a push big enough for 4 people.

Warnscale, as bothies goes is very close to parking so can get very busy even at this time of the year so always be prepared to have to pitch a tent.

I tend to take sometime thinking about what to take on trips like this, I don’t want to be carrying to much but also like to be comfortable when out in the wild.

We arrived around 14:00 and left the car at Honister Slate Mine (which costs £15.00) for the weekend.

After about an hour of walking up in winds gusting up to 60mph we arrived at Warnscale Hut.

On my previous visit I had left a can of beer hidden and had posted the coordinates on instagram for anyone to pick up and tag but luckily for me the can was still there.

As mentioned the wind was really strong but it managed to stay dry long enough for us to get in and get settled.

Setting up for bothy camping.

Maximum 4 people

According to the visitors book someone had been bothy camping the previous day.

They had left a few consumables in the bothy one was a bottle of Russian Standard Vodka.

It is really nice to arrive at these places for a night bothy camping to little presents like this but please don’t leave consumables such as open packs of food.

Also please clean up and take your rubbish down with you.

There was a rubbish bag left in here full of rubbish. The previous person had also cut down a live tree and left that all broken up in the Bothy.

There isn’t any fuel around this bothy for the stove so you will nee to bring in your own fuel.

Steak cooked on a piece of slate.

Once settled down we decided to crack open The Kraken, light the fire and cook a nice steak on a flat piece of slate on the stove.

That night the weather really came through wind was gusting and the rain was pounding through the window. It felt like the tiles would come of the roof at some point.

Spot Tracker

There is no phone signal around this area so some GPS device is a good idea just to let people you are ok and also in the case of emergency.

I use a SPOT tracker which is a great little device.

Waking in the morning was a chance to try some more freeze dried meals from Summit to eat. These freeze dried meals are perfect for trips like this, they are lightweight, nutritious and most of all tasty. We had a selection of these meals for the weekend and they where really good.

Freeze Dried Meals

The great thing about using freeze dried meat is they weigh next to nothing but you will need a source of water to make them up.

Just next to Warnscale bothy a trickle of water comes out of the mountain side so either a long boil or like me using a Sawyer mini filter water wasn’t a problem.

Next Morning

The rain had stopped and the wind had eased by around 11:00 on the Saturday so I decided to head of for a walk around to Blackbeck Tarn.

There was still a good bit of snow on the top of Haystacks and the ground was fully saturated around Blackbeck tarn.

Over looking Buttermere.

Heading back to Warnscale hut I filtered some water and had some Scrambled Eggs with Cheese. I really like this and think that the egg rehydrates really well. I also had a try of the Summit To Eat Vegetable, Chilli Rice which as a mainly meat eater really enjoyed this veggie freeze dried meal.

Evening Company

That evening we where joined by a couple that had come down to climb some crags in the area. They had also decided to spend the night bothy camping. So we spent the evening chewing the cud with them (please see there blog) or follow there adventures on instagram.

Summit To Eat

This evenings meal was really good, I was trying the Salmon and Broccoli Pasta, this was really good, the fish rehydrated brilliantly and was the best freeze dried meal I have tasted.

I have reviewed freeze dried meals on another post and Fuel your preparation came out tops for value and taste.

The Summit to eat meals are the same meals just branded for the outdoor market.

After packing up and heading out the cloud had come in and it was a dank walk back down to the car for a 6 hour drive home.

We had a great weekend bothy camping at Warnscale Hut.

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Trek24 For East Anglian Air Ambulance.


Trek24 for East Anglian Air Ambulance. This popped up on my instagram feed the other day so I though I’d register my interest.

Hiking on the Fells

I enjoy taking part in adventures for charity the last one I did for charity was the Fjallraven Classic in 2017 in Northern Sweden where we raised over £3000 for Suffolk Accident and Rescue.

East Anglian Air Ambulance revealed their plans for a the event taking place on Sunday 8th September 2019; a 24-mile or 24k long trek across the North Norfolk Coast! Finishing at the beautiful grounds of Holkham Hall They are looking for teams and individuals to take up this challenge and raise funds for this life-saving charity!

East Anglian Air Ambulance

Since their launch in 2000 they have attended over 25,000 lifesaving missions, touching the lives of many thousands of people.

East Anglian Air Ambulance
Crew responding to a call

Their crew comprises specialist pre-hospital doctors and critical-care paramedics, operating out of two high-tech helicopters from 07:00 until 19:00 from the Norwich base and from 07:00 until 01:30 from the Cambridge base. They were the first air ambulance in the country to attend helicopter emergency medical incidents in the hours of darkness to unknown and unlit sites.

You can register your interest for trek24 for East Anglian Air Ambulance HERE and you will be contacted when further news of the event is made available. 

Please share this post and any other posts relating to this event from the East Anglian Air Ambulance to make this event a good turn out therefore benefiting this life saving charity please use the tags #TogetherWeSaveLives #Trek24 #EveryStepCounts

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These anti blister socks are worn under you usual sock stopping friction.

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#TogetherWeSaveLives #Trek24 #EveryStepCounts

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