My Bespoke Down Hammock camping quilt.

Ive been in the market for a new quilt for a while now.

After looking around I couldn’t find something that was suitable for what I wanted so I had this bespoke down hammock camping quilt made.

Bespoke Down Hammock camping quilt.

I wanted something that I could use in a hammock and also it needed to be suitable for ground camping as well.

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How to make a continuous ridge line using soft shackles.

How to make a continuous ridge line. There’s a previous post about hammock camping where we look at some of the ‘hammock bling’ on the market.

I thought it would be a good idea to show you all how this cheap and really versatile piece of tarp camping gear.

How to make a continuous ridge line
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FJERN Vandring Stretch Fleece Hoodie Review.

I was sent this Fjern Vandring stretch fleece hoodie the end of last year. I have been wearing it for a good while and as I sit here typing this I have the item on.

First thing I can say about this fleece hoodie is the manoeuvrability in it the 4 way stretch really works well.

So after wearing this fleece for a few months I can safely say I am able to review this product and it gets a 100% thumbs up from me. It’s comfy, warm and a great fleece to use as part of a layering system.

I’d definitely recommend this item as part of your clothing for a multi day hike or throw it in your bag during the summer months to keep you warm when stopping to refuel.

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